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Reports & Complaints

Abuse is an and must not be left unpunished …

If you realize violence, neglect, abandonment or deliberate poisoning of an animal,

Do not neglect it!

Animals do not have a voice, so it’s important that we be their voice!

Find out what moves you must take to report any of the above incidents.

In cases of torture, abuse and neglect of animals, we should all be mobilized and denounced by the competent authorities. Under the new Pet Law, the fine for abuse, torture, bad or cruel treatment of animals, as well as sale, marketing and online distribution of audiovisual material depicting any kind of sexual encounter with animals or acts of violence or killing reaches 30,000 euros For each animal and every incident.

If you have experienced a case of passive abuse-neglect of the pet by the owner, it is advisable to:

  • Take photos or videos to prove the neglect
  • Inform the local animal welfare organization
  • Make a complaint to the Veterinary Directorate of the region, giving details of what you know. You can make a complaint by phone or fax, but ask for the protocol number to make sure the event is recorded for future information on the progress of the case and to receive a copy of the complaint
  • Please notify the Police, who must visit the site, make an autopsy report and impose an administrative fine according to the offense
  • If you are witnessing an abuse incident, try to mobilize passers-by and neighbors so that the perpetrator does not escape