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Who We Are – Purpose of Argos

In January 2007 Ithaca founded the Animal Welfare and Environmental Association: ” Argos ”, which up to this date has about 100 members.
The Association started on January 29, 2007 and was officially founded on April 1 of the same year under No. 533 / 2-5-07.
The Association chose this name in honor of Odysseus’ dog.
It is a non profit Association that consists exclusively of volunteers.

The purpose of Ithaca’s animal welfare Association is to help and care for the animals (especially the dogs and cats) of the island.

The most important reason that led the members of the Association to decide to work for the animals collectively and not individually was the terrible phenomenon of poisoning animals from poisoned baits (“fossils”).
Every year the same phenomenon is repeated, but in the winter of 2007, over 30 dogs and countless cats were lost. The roads were full of poisons.

Another very important concern of Ithaca’s animal welfare Association is to care for the nourishment and good animal health. Especially those animals that have no one to take care of them.